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At the beginning of June 2021, the Hotel Grohnder Fährhaus received the “Three Star Superior” classification certificate.
Managing director Heinz-Jörg Templin and hotel manager Sophie Josewski are proud of this award.

Right from the hotel planning stage, attention was paid to every detail and requirements in order to achieve this classification. Defined minimum requirements apply for awarding the stars of the German Hotel Classification (DEHOGA).

The following principle applies: the more stars, the more characteristics a hotel or lodging establishment must meet.

This officially confirmed to the hotel that it is a hotel that meets high standards. And that right in the beautiful Weser Uplands.

The German hotel classification with its five internationally recognized categories offers guests reliable decision support when choosing a hotel. The addition “Superior” identifies companies with a high level of services.

The team from Grohnder Fährhaus is pleased to officially welcome guests with the 3-star superior standard.

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