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Bike rental

Simply rent bicycles (pedelecs) at the Hotel Grohnder Fährhaus at the Weser cycle path!

As an additional offer to explore the beautiful nature of the Weser Uplands, we offer you the opportunity to rent e-bikes (pedelecs) from us at the Hotel Grohnder Fährhaus. The daily charge per bicycle (pedelec) is € 22.00 and applies to the respective day (not 24 hours). A bicycle helmet is of course provided by us. The bicycles have an assisting drive / motor: you have to pedal yourself, but the electric drive does some of the work for you (pedelec). Try it! You can start racing straight away, because the Weser cycle path runs right in front of our door. Have fun! So take the Weser cycle path, for example, along the Weser to the “Pied Piper City” of Hameln, about 13 km away, or to Bodenwerder, the city of the “Baron from Münchausen”, in the other direction.


Then send us an email or give us a call to reserve the bikes!
Phone: 05155 / 347982 (Hotel Grohnder Fährhaus)

Bike rental (Ebike-Pedelec) Hotel Grohnder Fährhaus on Weserradweg

Simply rent bicycles / e-bikes / pedelecs in Grohnde at the Weser and explore the beautiful pied piper town of Hameln or Bodenwerder by bike! Bicycle rental right on the Weser cycle path. An offer from Grohnder Fährhaus GmbH.

Sparen Sie bei Buchungen für November 2023 bis März 2024 per Telefon & E-Mail 20,00 € pro Nacht und Zimmer.
Nennen Sie uns hierfür das Stichwort "Winter Spezial" und buchen Sie sich dieses Angebot. Das Angebot gilt nur für Privatreisende auf Anfrage und nach Verfügbarkeit. Nicht kombinierbar mit anderen Angeboten.
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